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Defire works with community, government, and carbon development partners to generate carbon credits from the reduced crop burning, agroforestry, and more projects under the globally acceptable carbon standard or standards. One unit of the issued carbon credits is equivalent the one unit of the carbon point that is then allocated to the respective farmers for redeem of various types of agriculture equipment and for use in more daily livelihood purposes.

Defire for no burning, no hunger solutions

By 2026, it is expected that 387,000 farmers register with Defire, resulting in the generations of about 1 million tonne CO2e. By 2030, it is expected that more farmers in the Mekong region register with Defire.

Defire for Improved Crop Management

As crop burning is prevented, Defire’s target is to improve the management of cropping practices using the available crop residues under the regenerative farming practices.

Defire for Data as a Service

With our machine learning algorithms, drone, satellite data acquisition, and IoT, huge datasets are available for crop management, land use planning, and other nature-based solutions with a simple click and download.

“… Defire employs remote sensing technology, drone, IoT, and machine learning algorithms to detect and monitor fires at scale and speed! …”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you visit my company/ house?

Yes. But, we prepare to discuss virtually to reduce our environmental footprints.

Where are your project sites?

Our kick-off project site is in Nan province, Thailand. However, we were selected to conduct the pilots projects in two more provinces, namely. Lampang and Singburi provinces, Thailand

Are you looking for partnerships?

Defire actively looks to form partnership with carbon project developers, project activity implementers and/or facilitators, and impact investors. Please contact us for more information.

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