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About Us

Defire is a platform that incentivizes farmers to stop burning croplands and crop residue using carbon credits.
Our platform combines AI, IoT, and remote sensing technologies to detect and alert the presence of fires.
We harness technology to tackle the issue of crop burning in a sustainable manner, as well as to reduce air pollution and global warming while improving farmers’ livelihoods.

Our team members are pioneers in green financing for poverty and carbon emission reductions, digital technology for sustainability, and sustainability business.

We are more than just an Digital Technology for green financing company

We are the scientists and entrepreneurs with a long-term goal to achieve no-hunger society through the effective management using what the nature has given us and the increasingly available technologies without compromising the need for our future generations. We strongly believe in ourselves that we can achieve this goal and our goal can also contributes to the achievement of the global targets set by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our climate change mitigation goal is also designed to support the effective implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Our first action is to achieve the no-hunger society in the rural area through carbon-based incentives to farmers to switch the cropland and crop burnings. By stop such burning, the farmers can save costs, improve health, and reduce the possibility fire-related disasters, while increasing more carbon in the soil, which in turn higher crop productivity with less fertilizer also increases. It is a win-win solution for all.

Defire will define how the crops are managed toward global sustainability. We are open for all sorts of collaboration, partnerships, and investments. Please drop us a mail or call to set up an appointment with our team.

Defire diversifies income sources

Working with our partners, Defire always look for opportunities to increase rural incomes from the nature-based solutions. We work to reduce the dependency on fertilizers for increasing crop productivity by providing the necessary trainings and materials to farmers in order to make uses of the crop residues for improving soil and water quality, which make the paddy fields suitable as habitat for fishes and other biodiversity. Eventually, the ecosystem function returns to normal, thereby increasing the perpetual flow of the ecosystem services for farmers.

Defire Management Team

A strong team with years of experience

Theethat Rangkasiri


Pattrarat Tangnisaitrong


Wasanchai Vongsantivanich


Soramon Urapeepatanapong


Nophea Sasaki